Notice & Take Down

TweakNews is committed to the freedom of expression of its subscribers. However, we also realize that the Internet can be used in a way that is illegal and can cause damage to other parties. The role of TweakNews as a service provider is limited: we are only able to remove content which is considered offensive, abusive or which infringes copyright. Due to the size and volume of Usenet as a platform, it is technically impossible to act on these types of content in a pre-emptive manner.

To ensure the quality and transparency of our business, this Notice & Takedown procedure has been developed for handling reports of (alleged) offensive or abusive content and reports of copyright infringement. By clarifying this procedure here, TweakNews aims to keep the level of abuse of the Notice & Takedown procedure down to an absolute minimum.

Procedure Notice & Takedown

Based on the NTD-behavioural code. For more information visit:

  1. Reports can be filed through the form below. The form needs to be sent by using this website.
  2. A report will only be accepted if the form has been filled in fully, correctly and accurately.
  3. A report will only be accepted if it is clearly stated how the allegedly illegal content is offensive, abusive or infringes copyright. If the content concerns an infringement of copyright then it must be specified which work this is concerning.
  4. To ensure we can process a report correctly it is necessary to add all message-ids of the offensive article. In the case of a multipart-binary, all message-ids and their connection are needed for our investigation.

Treatment of reports by TweakNews

When TweakNews receives a correct report, which provides an accurate identification of the offensive, abusive or copyright infringing content, this report will be processed.

Notice & Takedown

In case of copyright violation please provide the rightful owner of the content.
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Articles are available on Tweaknews servers and verified to be in violation of Dutch Law.
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